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Every PC needs a good software. No matter how strong your PC is, if you don’t have an adequate software, you won’t be able to do what you had in mind, or even bring your PC to use its full power. It goes back and forth of course. Some programs can be so demanding an average PC couldn’t even come close to running them.

So, if you don’t have a specific software¬† in mind, but you want to equip your PC with the best there is, without spending money, of course, here is our list:

  1. Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a web browser. You need one to surf the internet. Every PC has a built-in browser, which ironically, is the worst of them all. So, if you want a fast browser to match your surfing speed and needs, choose this one.

A specific feature that Chrome has unlike any other web browser is that if one of your opened tabs crashes it won’t bring down all the others.

This is possible because each tab works in a specific memory space and it’s awesome if you have a good PC, however, if your PC is less than average, you might want to look for an alternative since this one uses a lot of RAM.

  1. LibreOffice

libre-office4Microsoft office is, of course, the best package you can get, but it costs money. The best free alternative is LibreOffice. It is compatible with all Microsoft formats, and it has an alternative for each of Microsoft’s components.

It has its flaws of course. Occasionally crashes and it’s highly polished, but you get used to it over time.

  1. Antivirus Avira

Avira_LogoIf you want to be protected from malware, but don’t want to spend any money, this is the go to Antivirus. It works wonders when it comes to preventing potentially harmful files from entering your PC from either internet or disks/USBs.

It also works great at exposing the ones you had previous to installing Avira.

The most important thing about Avira though is that it passed the Antivirus test with 100 percent detection rate.

  1. Gimp

gimp-logo 1This is the best free photo editor. Its full name is GMU Image Manipulation Program and aside from editing photos it can do any kind of photo manipulation, create logos, resize photos for the internet and so on.

  1. Audacity

audacity_logo_r_450wide_whitebgIf you love music and would love to edit something by yourself without paying lots of money for a high-end equipment, this is the software for you. It can reduce hiss and noise, and it’s amazing for tweaking audio levels and for performing basic equalization.

This software can also convert audio files to different formats.

  1. PotPlayer

A software which allows you to watch videos. Now, there are lots of others, so why is this one our number one pick?

Well, first of all, it’s slightly more stable than other players. It already comes with OpenCodec support and numerous other codecs, plus, it can clean up video rips.

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Computers are everywhere around us, and we cannot ignore the fact that we depend on these machines in many ways. With astonishing speed, computers have evolved from their humble beginnings, and now they can be found in every corner of the world, performing all sorts of tasks. The original intention for those pioneer computers was to serve as devices that can improve scientific research and calculations, but modern devices have a much wider scope, and people use different programs and applications to make their lives easier and to be more productive or more entertained.

Software, as an essential part of every computer, is the segment that has the biggest contact with people, i.e. the users of the computer, and that is why the role of software is highly important in having a pleasant and satisfying experience when using a computer. Personal computers came into our lives a few decades ago, but they managed to put a strong spell on us so that a lot of people now simply could not imagine their lives without popular software products and applications. Some people like games and they enjoy in this kind of activity, while others use computer software products for a more professional use, and both of these groups are relying on their computers for assistance and entertainment. Without a suitable software, our PCs would just collect dust, and we would quickly lose interest in these devices, and it is software that acts as a force that gives life to those pieces of plastic and glass.

Professional usage of computer software is very profitable for the developers as well, and companies invest huge amounts of money in obtaining the most modern software products. No matter if you are in charge of a furniture business, or if you a member of a well respected Central Park South real estate team, for example, your business can grow and expand if you apply the right tools and use the proper computer products. Everybody needs a helping hand, and the assistance that comes from computer software can often make the difference between survival of your business or shutting down the company. Admittedly, a lot of software products are expensive and demanding, but a lot of open-source options are available on the market, and many of these products can offer even better performances and results.

ent-software-businessman-ts-100539050-primary.idgeOf course, computer software is present in other areas of life as well, and our TVs, microwaves and radios are all using some kind of software. Mobile devices, i.e. smartphones and tablets, which are now taking over the world, are also helpful and useful to us, but without a good software, these devices would also be useless. Mobile applications are a form of software, and people are using those apps to improve the quality of life and to make many things easier for them. The speed of life in urban areas simply demands that we surround ourselves with gadgets that improve our productivity and functionality, and computer software is used in all sorts of ways to make these improvements possible.

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